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Please select which three titles you'd like in the 'Note to Seller' when clicking through to Paypal.

Ghost - In James Wragg's minicomic, two scavengers make their way across a bleak future wasteland. Bleak, but not deserted.

Waste - an original comic by Josh Hicks which he describes as a "Mad Max/sad blog post genre hybrid".

The Architect - an original comic by Ioan Morris about a man who longs to build the perfect home.

Daydream - four poems by R. H. Parry (Daydream, Reflections, The Snow Globe In Summer, Turning Again).

Headspace - a second volume of four poems by R. H. Parry (Jackanory, Back in the Day, Fart, Headspace).

Palindrome - the third and final collection of R. H. Parry poems contains five pieces by the Welsh poet (Palindrome, Sorry, Anti Depression, About a Girl, Ace).

Each is:
B & W
12 pages